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Auditions will be held on Saturday March 30, Sunday March 31 and Wednesday April 3 at Hawthorn Church of Christ, 42 Angas Road, Hawthorn.

Call backs, if required, will be held on the evening of Sunday April 7.

Named Roles:
For those who wish to audition for a named role, you will need to attend a group choreography session (30 minutes) plus an individual audition for music and dialogue (10 minutes). Please make sure you have prepared all required music and dialogue. Full details can be found in the productions information pack (download link above), and relivant music and dialouge can be found on the relivant role pages.

In the group choreography session for named role auditions, you will be taught a short piece of choreography. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you can easily move in. It will not be necessary to prepare anything for the choreography, but please let us know if you have any special talents! We would love to see your strengths!

Ensemble Auditions:

For those who only wish to audition for ensemble, there are several group auditions for you to attend. If you wish to audition for a named role but also be considered for ensemble, you only need to attend an named role session, not the group ensemble session.

There is no need to prepare any dialogue, music or choreography for ensemble auditions (unless you are also auditioning for a named role). They will be run as a workshop and all material will be taught and worked on in the session.

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. Chorus shoes are preferable for the women, however jazz or ballet shoes will also suffice. Men: jazz shoes or similar, no sneakers preferably.

Each ensemble session will run for 90 minutes.
Performance Season - September 2018:
Production Week: September 9 - 12
Preview Night: September 13 (8pm)
Shows: September 14 (8pm), 15 (2pm & 8pm), 19 (8pm), 20 (8pm), 21 (8pm) and 22 (2pm & 8pm)
Star Theatres, Theatre One. Hilton SA